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The night is long and it holds many untold stories. One that most men in my inner-circle won’t fail to tell (or even recite a poem about) is that of sending a woman to the peak of sexual pleasure and even though some of the tales may fail to contain even a whisker of truth, it is a story worth telling anyway. We are all familiar with the craft of telling stories and I bet we all know that some storytellers merit more time on the podium than others. Rocco Siffredi is one such orator among us men and, having reportedly slept with over 3,000 women, you wouldn’t find short of juicy tales.

From the first time he appeared in the cast of Attention Fillettes in 1987,he took to heart the passion of anal sex and has since been involved in over a thousand films, appearing in almost 720 himself. Siffredi’s scenes present a softer, but still appealing side of male dominance as he is usually in sync with the expression of his co-stars. Probably the reason why most women claim their men are “not good enough”, Siffredi is definitely one of the few outstanding male actors in an industry that is swarming with men. If you are looking for passion as well as a bite of the rough side, then Rocco is probably your guy and with a Rocco Siffredi promo code, you can get full access to hundreds of his videos at a much cheaper price.

Standing at 6 ft. 1 in, it is no wonder why the Italian Stallion has had quite a large share of success in his career and that he is probably the reason why most women who are familiar with his “need to be alone” quite too often for most of their husbands’ liking. If are a woman and you just simply “love Rocco”, subscribing for a membership wouldn’t be the worst decision you’ve made as you are guaranteed of high quality content and unlimited downloads. Your partner might catch you but at least get caught watching something good.